Wednesday, May 25, 2011

We lost a special election. Whatever shall we do?

Hochul beats Corwin
Yesterday, Democrat Kathy Hochul beat Republican Jane Corwin in a special election in the 26th Congressional District of New York, giving Democrats control of a seat that has been held by Republicans for forty years. Although the MSM attributes the Hochul's victory to the GOP's "extreme" position on Medicare, it should be noted that independent Jack Davis garnered enough votes to affect the outcome. Having run and lost three times as a Democrat, Mr. Davis entered the race as the "Tea Party" candidate this time around, although he apparently has no actual affiliation with the Tea Party or its positions. Nevertheless, according to CNN, Democratic National Committee chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz said the election "demonstrates that Republicans and Independent voters, along with Democrats, will reject extreme policies like ending Medicare that even Newt Gingrich called radical...With this election in the rear-view mirror, it is my hope that Republicans will accept the message being sent by voters in this race, in the polls and at town hall meetings across the country and work with Democrats to get our fiscal house in order while protecting Medicare and other initiatives vital to our economic recovery."

As a general rule, it's a bad idea to take advice from people who do not wish you well.

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