Thursday, April 12, 2012

Jon Fetherston for State Rep

As I’ve written previously, we shouldn’t lose sight of our State Legislatures amid the turmoil of Presidential politics. In addition to their impact on the quality of life in our states, our Legislatures draw Congressional districts and ratify Constitutional amendments.

Recently I attended a Meet & Greet with Jon Fetherston, who is stepping down as chairman of the Ashland Board of Selectmen to run for State Representative in the Massachusetts 7th Middlesex District (Ashland & Framingham).


The author with State Rep candidate Jon Fetherston (left) and former Congressman Peter Blute (right). I should have dressed nicer.

Former Congressman Peter Blute kicked things off with a story about his own days in the State Legislature. After his initial excitement at being on Beacon Hill, checking out the House chamber and so on, he got his first phone call from an actual constituent. A ruptured municipal pipe was pouring sewage into the caller’s yard. Rep. Blute said he would be glad to help, but asked how come the caller had not called his local sewer commissioner instead. “Well,” the caller replied, “I didn’t want to start that high up.”

Jon spoke next. Between his speech and the discussion I had with him afterwards, I got a pretty clear idea of what he would be like as State Rep. It would be a full time gig for him, so he could give the Commonwealth of Massachusetts the same tireless effort he has been giving the Town of Ashland (among his other accomplishments, Jon says he was responsible for getting the potholes filled in front of the Market Basket. Since I drive by there every day, I’m grateful for that!) Cleaning up corruption on Beacon Hill is a priority for Jon. Last year the third House Speaker in a row was convicted of a crime; clearly corruption is a problem in the Bay State. Jon believes that just getting more Republicans into the House would help. Not that Republicans are necessarily better people, but they are only 20% of the legislature. One-party rule offers temptation to any political party.

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