Sunday, May 13, 2012

George and Gracie Discuss the Dishonesty of Banks

In view of last week's disclosure that JPMorganChase lost $2 billion in derivatives trading, it seemed appropriate to post this exchange from the December 7, 1950 episode of the George Burns and Gracie Allen show:
George: Mr. Vanderlip was here—
Gracie: Oh, don’t mention that man’s name to me again. I’m never going in his bank again.
George: Why not?
Gracie: Well, because it’s dishonest.
George: Dishonest?
Gracie: I was there yesterday to make a deposit and as fast as I put money in one window, somebody was taking it out of another.
Obviously Gracie subscribes to the Austrian school of economics.

The exchange about banks is at 26:00, but the whole episode is worth watching.

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