Thursday, June 21, 2012

Is the Attorney General of the United States conspiring to steal the presidential election?

Attorney General Eric Holder
Photo source: Department of Justice

No, not Eric Holder.

Meet Bill Peterson: Harvard Law graduate, presidential contender, and the nation's top cop in my new novel, Full Asylum. Some people suspect Peterson is up to no good. But check out what he said at his confirmation hearing:

While I was waiting for this hearing to start, I had an opportunity to study the Seal of the Senate on the wall behind you. At the center is the American flag. Above is a red cap, like the ones that were worn during the French Revolution. The red cap, also called the Phrygian cap, symbolizes liberty. Below are the fasces. Those are the axes that you see on the bottom wrapped in bundles of sticks. The fasces symbolize authority. The seal reminds us to maintain a balance between liberty and authority. But since the Financial Meltdowns we’ve had only the fasces; we forgot the red cap. If you choose to confirm me as attorney general, I promise you that my highest priority will be to restore the balance. The authority of government is necessary for our safety as citizens. But the liberty of the individual is our birthright as Americans.

Sounds good, but I’m sure an observant patriot can read between the lines.

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Seal of the United States Senate US Senate seal
Photo source: Wikipedia

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