Monday, March 4, 2013

Here we go again

John Kerry's appointment as Secretary of State has created a vacancy in the US Senate, so once again we will have a special election here in Massachusetts. I caught up with the three Republican candidates yesterday at the Boston Republican City Committee. Not the best quality video I ever shot (stupid Reggae Brunch upstairs), but a good introduction to three gentlemen who want to be the next Scott Brown (who, by a remarkable coincidence, was on the TV is the background).

Businessman Gabriel Gomez. Check out my challenge for Mr. Gomez at 4:18.

Former US Attorney Michael Sullivan

State Representative Dan Winslow

The primary is April 30 and the winner will face off against either Ed Markey or Stephen Lynch in the special election on June 25. Please check out all the candidates and support the one you think will do the most to advance the cause of freedom

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