Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Obama's War on Women

I’ve seen a great deal in my Facebook news feed about a Republican “War on Women” that consists of minor GOP politicians sponsoring crackpot legislation with no chance of passing. I thought it was time to call attention to the real War on Women -- the one with actual consequences:


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  1. Obama - World Class Hypocrite!
    Democratic strategist Hilary Rosen’s derogatory comments about Ann Romney is Clearly a Lie and Hypocrisy. It furthers the Democratic Party War on Women.

    Rosen, as part of the Democratic Bull Crap Conflict over women’s issues, told CNN last week that Romney, who raised five boys, had “never worked a day in her life.”

    President Barack Obama quickly distanced himself from the remarks, and Rosen, after initially defending her statement, was ultimately forced to apologize.

    Liberals, the weaker form of Marxist who do not know it, have been anti-motherhood, anti-family and anti-God for years. These evil creeps have been about the work of Socialist Masters for decades in their support of the destruction of the American Family, Society and Prayer.

    Obama apologized because the Lying Pr!ck got caught. Time for the Media to make Obama the Liar tell the Truth!

  2. Roscoe: Thanks for commenting. Of course you put your finger on the heart of the matter: the Democrat accusations about a Republican war on women is bull crap. Whenever I meet Democrats who are spreading this lie, I ask them for examples of major Republican politicians who have tried to ban contraception or exclude women from the workplace. They usually tell me they don't have any specifics - it's just an "impression" they have.