Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Yes, Massachusetts, there really are Republicans

As Presidential politics dominate the headlines, we shouldn’t lose sight of the many state elections coming up in November. As Thomas Jefferson wrote, “It is not by the consolidation or concentration of powers, but by their distribution that good government is effected. Were not this great country already divided into States, that division must be made that each might do for itself what concerns itself directly and what it can so much better do than a distant authority.”

Photo Source: Desiree Awiszio

Last night I attended the kickoff for Republican Marty Lamb’s campaign to be State Representative from the Massachusetts 8th Middlesex District (Holliston, Hopkinton, Southborough, and part of Westborough). I first met Marty in 2010 during his campaign to unseat Congressman Jim McGovern. Marty did not win the contest, but as the first credible challenger to McGovern in many years, he caused the Democrat Party to expend time and resources in Massachusetts that otherwise could have gone elsewhere. If Marco Rubio and Rand Paul were the Allied Armies invading the beaches at Normandy, Marty was the French Underground, sabotaging and harassing the enemy behind his own lines. I was impressed that Marty not only carried a copy of the U.S. Constitution at all times, but could explain it at length.

This video I recorded in 2010 is still timely and demonstrates Marty’s ability to inspire loyalty in the people around him.

If elected to the State Legislature, Marty promises to build on his work with New Jobs for Massachusetts to remove the obstacles to job creation that the state government puts in the path of Bay State businesses. You can read more about Marty on his Facebook page.

Several other GOP candidates for state office came last night to show Marty their support.

Sarah Schultz ( is running for State Senator from the 2nd Middlesex and Norfolk District (Holliston, Hopkinton, Ashland, Medway, Framingham, Natick and Franklin). Her platform is the Three Es – Economy, Education, and Ethics.

Attorney Steven Glovsky says, “I am eager to apply my understanding of both people and the law to the work of the Governor's Council” in approving nominations for state judgeships. Steven is running in the 2nd District, which runs south from Wayland to the Rhode Island border (Here's Steven's Facebook Page).

Consultant Dean Cavaretta (, candidate for State Senator in the Middlesex and Worcester district (Shirley through Westborough) says, “I 'm running because my opponent rarely says ‘no’ to the Beacon Hill Machine…I will be an independent voice to close tax loopholes. I'll support ending corporate welfare for connected CEOs, and crony stimulus for big banks or wasteful programs. All of it has made this Great Recession longer and more painful.”

These candidates are worth a closer look. Check out their websites and Facebook pages and, if you like what you see, please be generous with your time and financial support.

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