Monday, September 17, 2012

Top Ten Barack Obama Foreign Policy Strategies

Obama bows to Saudi king.
Photo source: US News

Now that America is respected around the world again, I have to marvel at the skill with which President Obama brought that about. In order to gain insight into how he did it, I compiled a list of Top Ten Barack Obama Foreign Policy Strategies:

  • #10 Cement relations with our allies by returning a bust of one of their most cherished prime ministers.
  • #9 Further cement relations by being too busy to meet with them.
  • #8 Set timetables for troop withdrawals.
  • #7 Support anti-government demonstrations in countries friendly to the United States, but go out for ice cream during demonstrations in countries hostile to the United States.
  • #6 Never act without permission from the UN (permission from Congress is optional).
  • #5 Denigrate, during speeches in foreign nations, the moral sense and national vision of the United States (the “Apology Tour”).
  • #4 Promise our rivals that we’ll be more flexible after the election.
  • #3 When the Pakistani government imprisons and tortures the doctor who helped you locate bin Laden, ask for “clarification.”
  • #2 As a hostile country ruled by radical Islamists approaches completion of a nuclear bomb, give them a stern talking to.
  • And the number one Barack Obama foreign policy strategy…
    #1. Bow.

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