Monday, September 10, 2012

Top Ten Radical Right Wing Ideas

Ignorant. Racist. Stooges of the rich.

When I hear the anger and name-calling that is hurled at the Right on a daily basis, I can’t help wondering what we did to deserve such abuse. Which of our ideas is so beyond the pale that they invite vituperation?

Top Ten List
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To try to get a handle on this, I put together a list of top ten right wing ideas. They all seem innocuous to me, but I invite my left-of-center friends to let me know which are the objectionable ones:

10. The millions of producers and consumers who interact in the marketplace know what’s best for them better than a bureaucrat in Washington ever can.

9. If consenting adults want to have sex, that’s fine, but the government shouldn’t force third parties to cover their costs.

8. Entering the country illegally is illegal.

7. Israelis and Jihadists are not morally equivalent.

6. If you subsidize failure, you get more failure.

5. If you tax success, you get less success.

4. Letting people keep their own money is not a “subsidy.”

3. There are bad people in the world. Sometimes it’s necessary for men with guns to stop them from what they’re doing.

2. People who aren't eligible to vote shouldn't vote.

And the number one radical right wing idea:

1. The powers of the federal government should be limited to those enumerated in the Constitution.

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