Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Top 10 Obama Plans for 2nd Term

Top Ten

#10 Learn how to pronounce “corpsman.”

#9 Grab ankles; ask Putin if that’s flexible enough.

#8 Travel to 38 countries, none of them Israel.

#7 Ship uncounted Romney ballots to that Raiders of the Lost Ark warehouse.

#6 Give Paula Broadwell a debriefing, if you get my drift (oops – that’s Bill Clinton’s plan for Obama’s 2nd term).

#5 Drunk dial House of Representatives, ask to speak to Speaker “Boner.”

#4 Visit Freedom Tower, tell architect, “You didn’t build that.”

#3 Find out what this economy thing is that Romney kept talking about.

#2 Change name to Obama Boo Boo

#1 Blame everything on the first Obama term.

Michael Isenberg is the author of Full Asylum, a novel about politics, freedom, and hospital gowns. Learn more at www.FullAsylum.com.

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