Monday, February 25, 2013

My First Annual Political Academy Awards

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Everyone’s talking about the Oscars today, and it occurred to me that they ought to have similar awards for politicians. Here then, are the winners of my first annual Political Academy Awards.

The Tammy Faye Baker Thickest Makeup Award: Nancy Pelosi

The Sylvia Plath Award for most suicidal performance at a political convention: the Republican Party for its treatment of the Ron Paul delegates.

The Josef Goebbels Award for Excellence in Selective Editing: MSNBC

The Barry White Award for Best Score: David Petraeus (get it? score?)

The Veruca Salt I Want It Now Award: Sandra Fluke

The Robert Mugabe Award for policies most likely to reproduce the economy of Zimbabwe: Paul Krugman

The Mr. Ed Award for Best Performance by a Horse: John Kerry

The Fred Astaire Award for Best Choreography: Mitt Romney explaining the difference between Romneycare and Obamacare.

And finally, The John Barrymore Award for Best Actor in a Work of Fiction: Barack Obama promising not to raise your taxes.

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